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Unlock 3.5GHz CBRS Band48 4G LTE-A CAT15 indoor CPE 2CA QAM64,4x4 MIMO,Antenna Gain 6 dBi,Wifi b/g/n/ac
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Unlock 3.5GHz CBRS Band48 4G LTE-A CAT15 indoor CPE 2CA QAM64,4x4 MIMO,Antenna Gain 6 dBi,Wifi b/g/n/ac #75849

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Product Description

JT3500V is a most advanced LTE CAT15 indoor Wi-Fi & VoIP CPE product specially designed to enable quick and easy LTE fixed data service deployment for  residential  and  SOHO  customers.  It  provides  high  speed  LAN,  Wi-Fi  and  VoIP integrated services to end users who need both bandwidth and multi-media data service in residential homes or enterprises.

The device has 2  Gigabit LAN ports, 1 RJ11 analog phone port, high performance 4x4 MIMO  and  CA  capabilities,  802.11b/g/n/ac  dual  band  Wi-Fi,  advanced  routing  and firewall  software  for  security.  It  provides  an  effective  all-in-one  solution  to  SOHO  or residential customers. It can deliver up to 1Gbps max data throughput which can be very competitive to wired broadband access service. 


Key Benefits

Cost effective & compact design with built-in high gain LTE and Wi-Fi antenna
Compliant to 3GPP LTE Release 12 specifications
Advanced 4x4 MIMO and CA support with Category 15 throughput
Dual GE LAN ports, VoIP Line and 802.11b/g/n/ac dual band MIMO Wi-Fi support
Router, bridge and by-pass networking, IPv4 &v6 and Multiple PDN support
Support VPN & full L2TPV3 or L3 GRE Tunneling clients
FTP, HTTP,HTTPS and TR-069 management support
UPS battery backup option 


JT3500V is  an  advanced  multiport  indoor  Wi-Fi  &  VoIP  CPE  based  on  the  standard implementation of LTE Release 12 specifications. With built-in high gain LTE antenna, it enables a longer reception range from the base station. This yields more efficient use of the  network  with  a  larger  cell  reach,  guaranteed  carrier  class  service,  and  customer service probability.

To  meet  the  different  operating  requirements  in  various  countries  and  regions, JT3500V  can  be  supplied  with  optional  UPS  power  adapter  to  provide  continuous usage during power outage.   


JT3500V is  is a user-friendly LTE CPE and very easy to configure and setup. Subscribers can just connect the device to their computer or home switch/router and the device is ready to offer an experience of surfing over Internet. The LEDs on the JT3500V have also been designed for user convenience, and offer a clear sign of what the device is doing. The compact design is well suited for enterprise and residential users.  

JT3500V  offers  rich  management  features  which  facilitate  the  task  of  service provider. It  supports  local  management  access,  Telnet,  WEB,  and  centralized  remote OTA configuration, upgrades management and device monitoring via standard TR-069 ACS system.


JT3500V  is  fully  compliant  to  the  LTE  specification.  It  offers  standard  support  for advanced features such as Carrier Aggregation, MIMO and AMC to maximize the system capacity   and   bandwidth   throughput.   The   use   of   OFDM   modulation   enhances performance  in  non-line-of-sight  conditions  to  ensure  immunity  to  interference  and multi-path   conflicts   typical   of   deployments   in   urban   areas.   Sophisticated   QoS capabilities ensure true end-to-end QoS and support for high quality data services.  

JT3500V  has  enhanced  router  function  and  VPN  clients  support  to  enable  greater service  selection  and  reliability.  The  easy-to-read  signal  strength  and  data  activity indicators in the front panel make it intuitive for users to check the status of the device.


Radio Access : 3GPP LTE Release 12,CAT15
Operation Mode : TDD4T4R, 4x4 MIMO & CA Contiguous & Non-Contiguous 
Frequency Band : CBRS B48
Channel Bandwidth  5/10/15/20MHz , 2CC & 4CC
Modulations   DL: QPSK, QAM16, QAM64, QAM256,

                      UL: QPSK, QAM16,  QAM64

QoS Support : Non-GBR and GBR
Output Power : 23±dBm(4TX)
Antenna Gain : 5-6 dBi (B42, B43, B48)


Radio Access : IEEE 802.11 b/g/n+802.11 ac
MIMO 2x2750Mbps
Output Power:16±1dBm
Antenna : 4-5 dBi built-in antenna
Max Users : 32
Security : 64/128 bit WEP, WPA/WPA2


Data Interface : RJ45 GE ETH Port, 1 USB 3.0
Line Interface:  RJ11 LINE Port
LED Indicator :  SYS, NET, LTE,SIM2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 5G Wi-Fi, ETH1, ETH2, LINE
SIM Support    SIM Card Slot (2FF) 


Power supply DC 12V/1.5A, Adapter

Power  Consumption : 18W

Weight :      <600g

Dimensions:  120mm 120mm 160mm

Environment : Operating Temperature, -15℃~55℃.

                          Storage Temperature -30 ℃~85.

                          Humidity90% max Non-condensing

Network Configuration :

Router and L3 Bridge Operation Support

Built-in DHCP Server for LAN Devices

IPv4, and IPv6 DS-Lite Support for LTE

Multiple PDN Interface Support 
Data Networking Features :

Support VPN Pass-through (PPTP, L2TPV3 IPsec)

Support Built-in L2TPV3 & GRE Tunneling Client

Support DNS Proxy,

Support Firewall & Access Control

Support DMZ and Virtual Server

Support IP and Port Forwarding

Support Local and Remote Management Restriction Support Application Firewall

Support NTP Service

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